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Voice & Data Communications Engineering
Our Vision & Value


Sankar Raman, CEO & VP Engineering

Sankar Raman has over 18 years of experience in Networking and Telecommunications product development, software and product management. He lead key engineering efforts in designing and building ISDN/CAS Switches, Video Conferencing MCU and IMUX Terminal Adapter products with start up companies in the USA such as Teleos Communications, Madge Networks and Ascend Communications. He served as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies, New Jersey, where he lead System & Software Engineering for MultiVoice platform and VoIP Gateways. Sankar Raman has rich experience in TDM Switching, VoIP and Softswitch technologies and product development on RTOS platforms. Sankar Raman has a BE in Electrical Communications Engineering from The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York.

Nirmala S Raman, CFO & VP Operations

Nirmala Raman leads Vodca Labs Strategic direction and is responsible for its Financial Management activities including Risk management, Business planning, Personnel management and legal affairs. Nirmala Raman has done several management courses from Harriman School of Management at State University of New York and has an MBA in Finance from Monmouth University, New Jersey. Nirmala Raman has over 10 years of experience in Strategic Marketing and Positioning of major IT Companies in the USA.


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