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Voice & Data Communications Engineering


  • System Engineering

     Product Level
     Feature/Protocol Level
     Customized Solutions – Partnering with VARs/Vendors/Service Providers

  • Software Engineering

     Architecture & Design
     Applications Layers, Call Processing, Protocol Inter-Working, Protocol Layers/Stack, Mid       Layers, System Core, Packet Layers, Device Drivers, Utilities
     Software Maintenance
     Manufacturing Diagnostic

  • Product Areas

     Terminal Adapters, Muxes, Access Switches/Gateways, Media Gateways, Session border elements, ALGs
     Softswitch, Billing Servers, Proxies/Call Servers, IVR Systems, IP-PBX

  • Software/System Testing

     Product Level, Feature Level
     Test Strategy, Test Plan Creation
     Protocol/Standards Compliance
     Customized Scripting & automation
     Regression testing
     Voice Quality, WAN Simulation - Latency, Packet Loss, Jitter

  • Process Improvement

     Software Engineering & SQA

  • Customer Support

     Real Time on Demand Support - Phone, Online
     Product Training
     Field Installation and Support



“Vodca Labs provides Quintum with cost-efficient, round the clock R&D and System Test capabilities. As a result, it enables us to bring ever more sophisticated and leading edge products to our customers, in far less time than if we handled those services at our own facilities."

Cheng Chen
Founder & CEO
Quintum Technologies, a NET Company.
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